Social Solidarity Poems

My lockdown journey

By Rea, A Level Student

When in lockdown

Social solidarity is the key,

We stick together

By clapping once a week

The NHS are working

Night and day to keep us safe,

To do our bit and help,

We stay at home, our safest place.

Although it’s long and the days

Turn into weeks,

We thank key workers

For still staying on their feet.

We thank those who help

Teachers, delivery drivers or bin men

Everyone pulls together

Whether you are aged eighty, twenty or ten.

Children paint rainbows and rocks,

Both girl and boy.

Colouring to give everyone,

Some hope and joy

It will be okay,

If we all keep our spirits high.

Because if we stay strong,

We will eventually wave coronavirus goodbye

Solidarity Durkheim said,

Is us united as one- until coronavirus is beaten

We will stick together

Until we are done

My lockdown journey

By Hayden Mills, A Level Student

When mother nature looks you in the eye,

The crazy dance stops.

But is this really mother nature?

Or the sovereigns on top?

For years these countries waged war,

All for a piece of the prize.

But they never stopped to listen,

Never stopped to realize.

While creating a man-made virus,

Seemed adventurous at the time.

The boffins soon found out,

Society crumbles on a dime.

Old ‘loose screw’ Boris,

Set out some weary measures.

But that would never stop the public,

From indulging in their pleasures.

To take a leaf out of Durkheim’s book,

Seems like the smart thing to do.

With social solidarity under our belt,

There’s nothing humans can’t do.

But this requires co-operation,

That’s no small task for the British.

But it’s the only way we’ll ever see,

This putrid virus diminish.

Thousands of years of evolution,

Just for you to lose your cool.

You’re really not social distancing?

Don’t act a bloody fool.

You’ll see your friends soon enough,

And your family don’t forget.

So just stay inside for now,

Don’t do something you’ll regret.

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