A Level & GCSE Results Day 2019

Last month, A Level and GCSE students were celebrating their results!

On 15 August, excited A Level students arrived at our Paget Road Campus to discover that they had scored an achievement rate of 95% for A Level provision.

The results showed a 100% achievement rate in nine A Level subjects including: maths, English literature, politics and art.

Check out what some of our happy A Level students said below.


‘AAA’ (yes we were screaming with excitement!) But that’s the grades that Sophie achieved in her A Levels. She said: “I’ve always wanted to be a primary school teacher. The college is very supportive and I can always ask my tutors any questions. I’ve really enjoyed my time studying at WolvColl and can’t wait for uni!”


A BIG well done to our A Level student Habon who received ‘ABC’ grades in her A Levels.

Habon wants to become an optometrist in the future and is certainly well on her way after grabbing an ‘A’ in chemistry, ‘B’ in biology and ‘C’ in physics.


A career in science is certainly on the cards for Oliver after he received a ‘B’ in maths, ‘B’ in chemistry and ‘C’ in biology.

He said: “In the future, I would like a career in science. I really enjoyed studying A Levels at WolvColl, it’s been an amazing experience.”

A week later, on the 22nd August, our students arrived to open their GCSE results (and to enjoy the yummy treats ?)… needless to say, they were delighted with both.

Let’s see what they said…


After coming to England from sunny Greece, Aaron is well on his way to kick-starting his career in the medical industry. He absolutely smashed his GCSE’s to receive a grade 8 in both biology and physics!

He said: “I’ve really enjoyed learning at WolvColl. The tutors have helped me adapt to life in England and I would definitely recommend the college. My dream career would be to work in the medical industry.”

We can’t wait to see more of Aaron as he’ll be studying his A Levels with us in September.


After hearing good things about WolvColl :p and offering the courses she wanted to study, Simi has the ambition of working with medicine in the future. She smashed her GCSE’s to grab grades 7 in both chemistry and psychology, as well as passing her maths, physics and biology exams too.

She said: “I enjoyed chemistry a lot, the tutors were extremely supportive and the equipment we used was very, very good!”


An excited Chloe is heading off to the University of Manchester to study adult nursing!

Chloe smashed her GCSE maths to grab the grade she needed to go to university. She said: “I want to thank my tutors who really helped me a lot and brought my confidence up a lot. This is a great college with excellent equipment. I’m so happy I got my grades!

A dream career for me is to work in nursing and I’m taking the next step to achieve this by going to uni, I’m so excited!”

Best of luck Chloe!