Prince’s Trust Team400

A milestone for the college! The 400th Prince’s Trust team were raring to start from the get go.

Getting straight into the programme, week one began with the team getting to know each other and developing their team work skills. They explored the importance of teamwork and how teamwork can be used in different activities. They worked together as a team incredibly well and blazed through the fun activities.

At the end of the first week, the students made a shopping list of food and cleaning products… ready for their residential trip the next week!

Team400 explores Shropshire. So for week two, the team were on their residential trip to the beautiful countryside of Shropshire. They got to know each other while doing fun activities and tested their abilities through challenging tasks. They improved their team working skills and also developed great communication skills. The students loved the “great escape” task where they were given a compass and had to navigate the luscious countryside to complete various activities as a team.

Public meets Team400. At both the Princes Trust HQ in Birmingham and our Paget Road Campus, the Team400 put on a samosa and cake sale. The team also did a bag pack at ASDA Wolverhampton where one of our students was rated 9/10 for their bag packing skills! The team put their new skills to use and managed to raise over £500 which was incredible. The team put their funds to great use as they set a challenge to refurbish the YMCA Badger Court.

So, the next two weeks was where the team got hands on and refurbished the YMCA Badger Court. The team completely renovated the garden by placing new pebbles and stones to make the garden look more presentable, and put different coloured gravel down to make the area more eye catching! The team even laid out a vegetable patch area too! They calculated costs and managed their own budget.

Work experience. For weeks seven and eight, the team were out at their work experience placements. They were working at different places such as: beauty salons, retail stores, garages and offices. The students were given responsibilities on their placements such as learning how to thread eyebrows and inspecting cars for MOTs. Students learnt a lot from their placements and explored the industry in which they worked in.

Job applications and CV writing. For week nine of the programme, the team worked on job applications and CV writing. Different organisations came in to speak to our students such as the NCS and the Job Centre. The team were very grateful for the advice and guidance they received and improved their CV writing skills to help with their future careers.

For weeks ten and eleven. The team visited the ACCI (Afro Caribbean Community Initiative) in Wolverhampton. The students learnt about leading a healthy lifestyle and also about the importance on mental health in our daily lives. At the end of the week eleven, because the team did such an amazing refurbishment at the YMCA Badger Court, they were invited back for a barbecue and to have a chat with the residents, which they loved!

The final week of our Prince’s Trust Team400 concluded with the students preparing for their final presentation which was on 23 May 2019. They put all their new found skills and experience together to give a speech about their journey and what they planned to do next.

For the last bit of fun, the team enjoyed a game of laser tag, followed by pizza to round it off.

So on 23 May, the students delivered their presentation at the Molineux Stadium in front of staff, friends and family. They were really passionate about speaking of their experience on the programme and about what they wanted to do next. Check out what a couple of the students said below:

“I’ve had a fantastic time on the course, I really enjoyed the community project because I felt like I came out of my shell!” Crystal now wants to study her A Levels with us.

“I absolutely enjoyed everything about the programme! My favourite was the community project and I loved painting the fence! I now plan to do a business admin apprenticeship at WolvColl.”