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Welcome to our maths blog, over the coming weeks we will look at key topics and give you tips and advice. We will also do a feature blogs on anything you want to know more about.

Each month we will introduce a member of the maths team and they will share their favourite maths puzzle with you!

So, this terms topics are:


You need to know the value of the digits in a number  i.e.  34006   

What is the value of the number 4?


Definition – ‘a number that is divisible only by itself and 1 (e.g. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11).

“Prime numbers are very useful in cryptography”

You may be asked to identify prime numbers or explain what makes a number prime.


A factor is always the same or less than the number – 4 is a factor of 12

A multiple is always the same or larger than the number – 24 is a multiple of 12

Knowing your times tables is a MUST! Use this link to find the best times tables apps’

?н? ∂???ᗪ?Ď ?ʳα??Ɨ?n!

Don’t be afraid of fractions, follow these step by step guides:

Comparing fractions, decimals and percentages

A favourite question in the exam papers!

When comparing and ordering fractionsdecimals, and percentages write the numbers as all fractions, all decimals, or all percentages. Then you can order but remember to list using the set given.


Turn into one form:  0.73      0.666     0.9    0.75      0.87          

Put in order:

0.730         2     

0.666         1 smallest

0.900         5 largest

0.750         3

0.870         4

Answer:  2/3    73%   3/4   0.87   0.9

For full resources go to your google classroom

Maths in the Kitchen

Some of our maths groups had a session in the kitchen. They looked at ratio, measuring, comparing, estimating, working as a team and…eating! 

“This was the best maths lesson ever!

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