Lockdown Thoughts…

It feels like we are all imprisoned these days, everyone trapped in their own property, all of us forced to sit in our homes with little to do. With only limited time to get to the outside for only essential needs reduces the so-called “freedom” we have right now for an unknown amount of time, making some of us think “is this going to be forever?”.

All we can do to wait and pass the time is by doing what we usually do at home. Watch television, anything new? Play games, perhaps with your family or friends, perhaps even read if there is nothing else, or even work if you have any to do. But it can feel too repetitive, being trapped with your family or friends, seeing the same people everyday, and being unable to talk (face to face) to anyone else.

Most people thought that this lockdown would be great being at home effectively leaving you to do what you want, but really this sense of doing what you want will not last forever with a limit on what to do.  Not being able to leave your house and that you can not go very far out, thinking about other family or friends you are unable to see due to the distance they live.

Most people just get out of the house to get exercise, perhaps some people just want to get away from the house from whatever they are doing. Perhaps they will not cooperate with you, or maybe they are busy with their own affairs, like everyone else. Everyone walking apart from each other by being spread out, some cover their mouth or nose. Thinking they may carry what caused this lockdown and spread further, or they only do it to protect themselves from catching it. Because, they believe that by doing this it magically makes them immune, really it increases the chance of spreading what caused this.

Perhaps you want to get out of the house because you need food, drink and other essentials. The problem is there may be a limited amount in store, due to other members of the population that are also going through the same process, so whatever you want may not be there. Everyone panics, people panic, causing others to panic and then rush to buy what they don’t need, for their family or perhaps themselves, they may end up hoarding what they have – caring only about themselves.

This just shows the true face of the majority of the population, of selfishness and greed. Perhaps caring about family is understandable, however there are more mouths to be fed around wherever you live. Showing that you should not just think about yourself and your family. Though that is the reason we are in lockdown to protect others, even though some people keep thinking we are all united and protecting each other, some people only want to protect themselves.

Let’s all just be a bit more thoughtful, considerate and open.

By James Grainger, WolvColl Student

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