Lockdown Poems

Our students and staff have been exercising their creative writing skills with a lockdown theme. Have a read and be inspired…

What is lockdown? By Joan Wainwright, staff

What is this lockdown?
What does it mean?
It means staying home all day
Keeping the virus at bay
If we go out it’s only to shop.
Or maybe to exercise on a short hop
Whilst we’re at home we read lots of books
Not worrying too much about our looks
The salons are closed
And we won’t be exposed!
We also do puzzles, both numbers and words
Thinking that some can be really absurd
When the weather is fine
And the sun it doth shine
We can potter in the garden
Drinking some wine
Watching the wildlife
Pretending it’s the highlife
Then when the sun goes down
Take time out to reflect
We really are the lucky ones
If we’re still here; happy, healthy and with our loved ones

Lockdown By Shakira Newton, student

I look up
No planes in the sky
The clouds are empty
They don’t understand why
The sun keeps on shining
But we are stuck on lockdown
The winds keep on blowing
We are struggling with social distancing
We are missing our families and friends
There is fear, There is loneliness
All I can hear is the birds singing
This is causing us harm not being able to go out
There is fright
There is silence

What’s happening in the world? By Shakira Newton, student

Today was the worst day ever,
The whole world got told that there’s
A lockdown going to happen
This is when…
Panic buying
People stressing
People mental health started to get worse
This is affecting us
There no fresh air
No family around us
No children screaming
All we smell is fear
This was the worse day ever the whole world came crashing down on us
We will not be able to see family or study
The world is on lockdown
Let’s beat this

Stay Safe Mental Health By Shakira Newton, student

Stay safe is the key
Keep calm when times get tough
Stay strong
This crisis is affecting us in ways we never faced before
Each day will pass
We will work as a team
No matter where we are we are in this together
Stay safe, Stay strong, Stay home
This is affecting our mental health
We have got this
But Remember…
Stay home
Stay safe
Keep well
Yes we have got this
This will we will get better

Life in Lockdown – A Mother’s Musings  

Try to be normal.
Try to be good.
Try to be the parent
Like others could.

Work from home?
I would rather be
Working at work
Where I feel free.

Kids running ’round,
A sight to behold.
Kids running ’round,
A constant sound.

I try to be normal.
I try to be good.
I try to be the parent
Like others could.

Instead I am drowning,
I struggle to breathe.
Instead I am frowning,
Instead I just seethe.

The lack of direction
That schools provide,
The lack of decision
From governments worldwide.

I try to be normal.
I try to be good.
I try to be the parent
Like others could.

The lockdown drags on
With no end in sight,
This virus rages on.
Our hope to unite,
Slowly loses steam
We’re losing the fight

I try to be normal.
I try to be good.
I try to be the parent
Like others could

It may seem impossible,
It may seem bleak,
Remember together,
We aren’t so weak.

Talk to each other,
I know that you can.
Talk to each other,
Share what you plan.
Go back way before,
before this began.

I am going to be normal.
I am going to be good.
I am going to be the parent
Like I always could

Change what you think,
Don’t change what you do.
Change what you think,
I’m trying that too.

Change what you think
And you never know,
Come back from the brink
Where your feelings won’t show.

Lockdown By Yasmina Brindley 

This lockdown hasn’t affected me in anyway
It’s like being away
And having a break from life
I have taken advice and stayed indoors 
And locked my doors
As much as I’m bored
I’m grateful I’m not on a ward
This situation could be worse
You could be a nurse
Risking there own life for everyone else 
I And it’s a very slow progress

I feel relieved 
Ana pleased 
That I am healthy
And not feeling empty
All I want is everyone to be happy
And not to be so snappy
And to stop worrying 
And this virus to hurry
So I can see everyone
And have some fun

Life is what you make of it
You can’t just quit 
This virus will soon be gone
You just need to carry on
It may be hard
But soon it will all be blurred
And that’s what keeps me going
And stops me from exploding 

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