Is choosing to study Travel and Tourism a good idea given the current climate?

Travel and Tourism Lecturer Naomi Weston says it’s an astounding ‘Yes’ from her…and here’s why…

“Robust, resilient and adaptable…these are three key words that during my 25 years in the travel and tourism sector I have learnt define the true spirit of the industry I am so passionate about. To travel and explore is part of human nature, and something that we as a species have been doing since time began. To want to travel and see places other than home is not a fashion, it’s not a fad nor a short lived craze, it is something that we have always done and something we will always do, what changes is ‘what we want to see’ and ‘how we want to see it’. This is the part of the travel and tourism industry I love the most, it’s ability to change.

Yes, at the moment with the current travel restrictions in place, Coronavirus is having a devastating effect on the current industry, but the industry is already adapting to life after CoVid. Life will be different after CoVid globally, but I know, along with the other 3.3 million people employed in the industry in the UK alone, that the travel and tourism industry will bounce back, bigger, stronger and better than before, just like it has during previous catastrophes and developments.

During my career in travel and tourism I have seen the industry recover and adapt after some huge and significant events and developments, and each time it looked like it could be the end of the industry as we knew it, but each time instead of crumbling it took on a new lease of life changing to suit the demands of its customers and the environment. Developments such as the invention of the internet, changes in technology, introduction of the ‘low cost airlines’ were all major stepping stones to the industry we know today and all have been taken on board and integrated to the best possible use. On top of that I’ve worked through some life changing events such as the events of 9/11, terror attacks in Tunisia, wars in Afghanistan and Syria, plane crashes, and natural disasters such as the fires in Australia, Tsunami in Asia, earthquakes and ash clouds, just to name a few, but again as with the developments the industry stands together, adapts, changes and moves forward.

Key terms that are already becoming prevalent in a “Post-Covid” travel industry are ‘experiential travel, responsible travel, sustainable travel and adventure travel’ all of which I personally find immensely exciting and interesting and I can’t wait to explore them further with this year’s cohort of Travel and Tourism students.

This is why I believe studying towards a Travel and Tourism qualification right now is the perfect time to learn about an industry and watch it grow, recover and adapt. Whether your study path lasts the next two, three or four or even six years, during this time you will be best placed to learn about the new exciting and changing roles that will be available for you in the “Post-CoVid” world.

Here at City of Wolverhampton College we teach the most current and up to date BTEC specification, which allows us to look at the industry as it is today and how it will be in the future, giving you the best possible opportunities once your education is complete.”

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