Cinnamon Buns

Here’s another recipe for all of you budding bakers to try out during lockdown.
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Equipment Needed:

  • Baking dish
  • Rolling pin
  • Mixing bowl
  • Oven
  • Tea towel or clingfilm
  • Sharp knife
  • Parchment/ silicone paper
  • Manual whisk

Other optional equipment

  • Stand mixer
  • Handheld electric mixer


For the dough: 
350g bread flour (Plain flour will work if you don’t have bread flour) 
180ml lukewarm milk 
grams fast action Yeast or 35 grams of fresh yeast
60g Caster sugar 
1 Egg plus an egg yolk at room temperature 
55g Butter, melted 
¾ teaspoon salt 

For the filling:
135g light brown sugar (dark brown sugar can be used)
2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
55g butter, softened enough to spread on the dough

For the toppings:
120g soft cheese
45g of butter, soften
100g icing sugar
½ tablespoon vanilla extract


  1. If you are using fast action yeast add it to the lukewarm milk and stir in. If you are using fresh yeast refer to the next step 
  2. Add all of the dough ingredients to a mixing bowl, keep the yeast away from the salt and attach the dough hook to a stand mixer 
  3. Mix on low speed for 2 minutes and then medium speed for 5 minutes until a silky smooth dough forms (Note: If you are not using a stand mixer use your hand to combine all of the ingredients before transferring to a surface and then use a little oil to ‘knead’ your dough for around 7 minutes until you have a silky smooth dough)
  4. Lightly oil a bowl and cover with a tea towel or Clingfilm and leave at room temperature for 60-90 minutes until at least doubled in size 
  5. Lightly dust a surface with flour and knock the air out of your dough. Using a rolling pin, roll out your dough into approximately a 14 x 9 inch rectangle (Use flour to help you roll out the dough if its sticky but not too much!) 
  6. Spread softened butter over the dough leaving a 1cm gap all around the edge of the dough 
  7. In a small bowl mix together the brown sugar and the cinnamon before sprinkling all over the butter evenly 
  8. Starting on a short edge tightly roll up your dough into a large sausage like shape and seal it the best you can when you reach the end (It’s important to keep your dough as tight and as even as possible during this stage) You can trim the edges once rolled for a neater and more even finish 
  9. Cut your shaped dough into 6 equal pieces using a sharp knife before transferring to baking dish which has been greased and lined with ‘parchment/silicone paper’, cover again with a tea towel or Clingfilm and allow to double in size.  This will probably take around 45-60 minutes. While you are waiting pre-set you oven to 200 degrees or gas mark 6 
  10. Bake the buns for 20-25 minutes or until just slightly golden brown, you don’t want them too dark as you want the centre of the buns to be nice and soft
  11. While the buns are baking you can make your cream cheese topping
  12. Best results using a hand mixer: Beat the butter and soft cheese until fluffy, add the vanilla extract and combine before carefully adding the icing sugar on a slow speed at first and then on a faster speed until smooth and fluffy (Note: You can use a manual whisk for this you will just need to put more effort in to achieve the smooth finish!)
  13. Enjoy your Cinnamon buns!

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